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Let's plan all of Italy or Euope. On land, seven seas, island, rails or on rivers be refreshed. It’s the cultures, the peoples, the adventures, the romantic sunsets, the cuisine! Travel on purpose. Call, Click, Come in and #Cruise214.810.6239 kvonschleic@cruiseshipcenters.com



More people need to go out to sea on a ship.. You know, for enriching fellowSHIP. Think about the history on that a bit. Peeps on ships are always looking up, while men ashore are too often looking down. Are you a sailor that's been long tied up to a dock? Let’s go, let's look up! Come back new


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We cannot choose where we are born or how many years we will live, but we can choose who we will serve, where we will travel and how much life in those years we will enjoy! ~ @KurtwVs