Travel on Purpose for One
travel on purpose and for one!

Biblical worship is most important! Discipleship is important too, as well as going fishing for souls.. even traveling for that Purpose. Missions can happen with time off or during refreshing vacay-leasure too! More people need to go out to sea on a ship.. you know, for enriching fellowSHIP. Think about the history on that a bit. Peeps on ships are always looking up, while men ashore are too often looking down. Are you a sailor that's been long tied up to a dock? Let’s go, let's look up!


Do you wear a couple hats? I do too. God can righteously use you to meet different needs. There’s more to life than just work alone – there’s edification – there's #vacationSHIPS too! Work and ministry can overlap. When born again, you are a full time minister. 


On land, on voyages over seven seas, on rails, or on rivers.. live for Christ. "Go..tell." It’s the cultures, the people and groups, the adventures, the romantic sunsets, the cuisine, the Maker we love most! There's Destination Weddings, Honeymoons.. there's (all-inclusive vacays) Weddingmoon-Cruises and for Renewal Vows.